Scourie & District Angling Club

The club leases the fishings rights to 47 lochs from the Scourie Estate.

Scourie & District Angling Club

The club leases the fishings rights to 47 lochs from the Scourie Estate

About Us

Scourie and District Angling Club is a nonprofit making organisation set up to foster and promote hill loch fishing in the area and provide reasonable priced fishing for the local and visiting angler. The club leases the fishings rights to 47 lochs from the Scourie Estate which contain wild brown trout of varying sizes, from very small to quite large, indeed most years fish of 2 – 4lbs are regularly caught. 

Helpful Info

Scourie & District Angling Club

Scourie is situated in the north west highlands, set amid magnificent scenery of Sutherland. The club leases the fishing rights of 47 lochs from the Scourie Estate, which contain wild brown trout from the tiniest to some very large specimen trout. Fishing the angling club water is by fly only, you may fish with wet, dry or even dapping flies! You may fish from the bank or hire the use of a boat. The club currently has 9 boats mostly all near the roadside. Some of the lochs are very easily accessed being close to the road, others require a bit of walking over rugged terrain, bearing this in mind the angler should set out with suitable clothing, footwear and an ordnance survey map of the area and a compass. It’s also best to inform someone where you are going and at what time you expect to return, carry some food and drink and be prepared for inclement weather should it be forecast. Remember weather conditions in the north west highlands can change very quickly, always be prepared for this, carry waterproofs. A check before setting out to ensure you have all that you require is a sensible option, there is nothing worse than arriving at your chosen loch to discover you have left something vital behind.


On approaching a loch a short cast to begin with may prove useful as trout often lie close to the bank, then a gradual lengthening of the line to ensure the water is fully covered. Short tidy casting with as long a leader that you are comfortable with, will undoubtably bring the best results. When hill loch fishing for brown trout the angler is best to keep moving carefully whilst casting, a steady step at a time while casting in various directions. If the angler should encounter rising fish they should slow and if no response is forthcoming change flies! A keen watchful eye should be on the lookout for rising fish to target if no fish are showing its best to move on, when moving along the bank of a loch care should be taken to avoid heavy footfalls that could startle nearby fish. It’s worth remembering that wild brown trout are extremely wary creatures, careful casting with not too much false casting is most desirable, should one make a clumsy cast move down the bank a little and start again! Never be afraid to fish a dry fly just because there are no fish rising, a well presented dry fly will often catch the best fish of the day so it pays to vary tactics throughout the fishing session.



A light rod of between 9.5ft and 11.5ft, that has an AFTM of between wf 4 and 7, suitable reel and floating line with balanced leader is all that’s required, although a spare spool with a intermediate or slow sinking line can be of undoubted use on difficult days! Leader tippet strength is a personal choice, we would recommend 4 or 5lb braking strain in a clear nylon. A longer rod helps work the flies, particularly the bushy top dropper on windy days! It’s wise to pack a floatant of your choice and some “mud” to degrease the leader, a good selection of traditional loch flies in sizes 14,12,10 and one or two 8s. Over the years some flies have remained justifiably popular, such as Kate McLaren, Soldier Palmer, Claret Bumble, Zulus, March Brown, Invicta, Black Pennel, Muddler Minnow, Butchers, Bibio, Dunkeld, Loch Ordie, Peter Ross and Mallard and Claret are good wet fly options. Daddy Longlegs, Hoppers, Deer Hair Sedges and Cul De Canard are worthy dry flies. A supply of insect repellent and or a midge net should be carried, as the dreaded midge can ruin one’s day if they are out. A light, well balanced outfit of rod, reel and fly line, will ensure the angler has an enjoyable day on the hill lochs.

The Lochs

Permit Information

The Angling Club leases the fishing rights of 47 lochs from the Scourie Estate, all of which contain native brown trout. These lochs are divided into 2 zones, and a loch set aside for beginners, Children of 12 year and under may fish free of charge, under an adult permit. Lochs are numbered as shown on the map. The club owns 9 rowing boats which are available for hire.

Charges per person:

Season Permit 15th March to 30th September £70.00 Buy Now
Week permit for 6 days (Sundays Excluded) £40.00 Buy Now
Day Permit (12 years & under, go free with paying Adult) £10.00 Buy Now
Evening Permit (After 1600) to fish a zone £5.00 Buy Now
Boat hire per day per boat £10.00 Buy Now
Buoyancy aids loaned daily free of charge

Income from the sale of fishing permits is used for the maintenance and improvement of the fishery where appropriate.

Fishing is by fly only, from dawn until dusk, Monday to Saturday inc. Anglers may fish any lochs within the zone stipulated on the permit purchased. Consideration must be given to other anglers on the same loch.

All anglers must read and agree to abide by club rules. 

Permits are available from Scourie Guest House.

Permits are also available on weekday evenings and Saturday morning from 12 Moffat Square, Scourie, where the club has a selection of locally tied trout flies for sale, all proceeds going to club funds.

Please note that a boat hire permit must be accompanied by a fishing permit.

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