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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the answers to a number of frequently asked questions below. If your question is not covered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Can I fish on a Sunday?

We don’t allow any fishing on a Sunday. We think the fish deserve 1 day off!

Do I need to wear a buoyancy aid?

As stipulated in our Club Rules, we require everyone to wear a buoyancy aid, and if you don’t, you do so at your own risk. If you require one, please ask when purchasing your permit.

Do I need to report back after my days fishing?

It is not a rule, but we would like to hear feedback after you have finished fishing. We have an easy-to-use form that allows you to let us know what you caught. Please see it here. It helps us build up a better idea of our fish stocks.

What do I have to do with the boat when I am finished for the day?

Please leave the boat in a manner as you would like to find it yourself. Bailed of any water, oars in the correct place, take all rubbish with you and lock the boat in the correct berthing area.

The boat isn’t there? What will I do?

Don’t panic, it might just be a human error, and the boat might have been double booked. Please contact where you got the permit from, and they will be happy to help. We have 9 boats, so there are other options to choose from.

Can I use an outboard?

Unfortunately not. We rent the lochs from the Scourie Estate, and they have asked us to implement a ‘No Outboard’ Policy.

Club Rules

  • Fishing is by fly only and from dawn to dusk, Monday to Saturday.
  • Trout less than 8 inches long must be put back alive, and care exercised to prevent injury.
  • Particulars of your catch to be given. The club is bound to keep records by directive of the Scottish Executive.
  • The permit must be returned to the point of purchase by hand or by post within 7 days of its expiry, recording all fish caught.
  • Any person using a boat must always wear a buoyancy aid.
  • Users of a club boat should observe due care in its use and ensure that the boat is returned to its mooring in a clean, tidy and bailed condition. The boat should be securely tied up and locked to avoid rub and wear to the boat. The keys must be returned by dusk each day.
  • Permits, fish and tackle in possession of any angler shall be exhibited to any permit holder on request.
  • Dogs to be kept under control at owners’ responsibility against damage to livestock.
  • Cars to be parked of road and not in passing places.
  • The club reserves the right to withdraw the permit if these rules are breached.
  • The holder of a permit understands that the Scourie and District Angling Club will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered during the use of any club boats, equipment or property.


15th March to 30th September (Boats Available after April 1st)

Eating Locally

We have put together a selection of recommended places to eat in the local area. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

The Anchorage Restaurant

If you are staying in Scourie, you can get evening meals at The Anchorage Restaurant. It is situated on the Scourie Caravan and Camping Site, 300 yards west of the Scourie Filling Station.

The Shorehouse Seafood Restaurant

The Shorehouse Seafood Restaurant, Tarbet is situated 6 miles north of the village (3 north, then turn left, and another 3 miles)  the family run restaurant overlooks the stunning Sound of Handa. Fresh seafood local seafood.

Lynn's Fish and Chips

Lynn’s Fish and Chips is situated to the east of the village, 400 yards from the Scourie Filling Station.

Parkers Stores

Parker Stores is our local convenience store, that is situated in the middle of the village, just 75 yards east of the Scourie Filling Station

Staying Locally

Here are a number of places to stay in the local area. We hope this helps you out! 

Scourie Caravan and Camping

Scourie Caravan and Camping site is open to Caravan, Campervans and Tents, and has to added bonus of The Anchorage Restaurant on site.

Eddrachilles Hotel

Eddrachilles Hotel is situated on the shores of Eddrachilles bay and is 2 miles south of the village. A great place to stay, B&B or DB&B.

Four Winds B&B

Four Winds B&B is situated at No 6 Moffat Square, just south of Parker Stores. A friendly B&B, a great place to stay after a day of fishing.

Greenhill B&B

Greenhill B&B is situated 500 yards east of the Scourie Filling Station, a friendly B&B, and a great place to get your head down after a day of fishing.

Tighlochan Pods

Tichlochan Pods provide a luxury glamping experience in the Highlands of Scotland. The friendly hosts would be happy to welcome you. 

Scourie Guesthouse

Scourie Guesthouse is just a short walk from the beach with rooms offering views over the bay. The guesthouse is perfectly situated for exploring the surrounding area.

More Info on The Area

Please take a minute to look at the Scourie website to find options for Bed and Breakfast properties. This very informant website also has great information on the village and any other information you might be looking for.