Boat Hire

We offer boat hire on some of our Lochs. We  have 9 boats on 8 different lochs. The table below gives the Loch, Boat type and the location of the mooring via the Ordnance Survey grid reference. The boat on Loch 8 is available during an odd year number and on Loch 9 is available during an even year number.

Do not use boats in adverse weather conditions.


Number. Loch. Boat. Location. What3words
7 Gobhloch. Pioner13. NC174 491 fairway.cutback.haunt
8* Druim Na Collie. Pioner12. NC187 490 replying.exacted.clef
9 Na H-Arigh Glaise Pioner12. NC185 489 devalued.nylon.losing
10 Nam Brac. 2 x Fibreglass 15ft NC173 478 plugs.pricing.ignore
20 Mhicie. Pioner12. NC166 461 schematic.irony.unheated
23 Laicheard Mor. Pioner12. NC187 461 unlisted.treat.zaps
31 Bhadaidh Daraich. Pioner12. NC161 446 vibrating.fizzled.bulge
32 An Damh Mor. Pioner12. NC159 429
35 Chalbha Pioner12. NC174 375

*Boat available every 2nd year.

Boat Etiquette

  • Always use a buoyancy aid when inside the boat
  • Take all rubbish with you when you are finished fishing
  • Leave oars in box after exiting the boat
  • Leave boat as you found it when you are finished
  • Report any damage if you find any. We would rather know!
  • Please complete a catch return after fishing.

Our Boats

Loch ‘Mhicie

Park near Scourie pier and it’s a 25 to 30 minute walk of about 1100 yards to Loch ‘Mhicie. Follow the foot path towards Tarbet until you reach the gate just before the Waterworks, then take the right hand track up the hill until the track splits, again take the right hand track until you reach the loch. The track is quite steep once past the waterworks giving splendid views over the village and beyond. Loch ‘Mhicie is a very pleasant loch to fish with hard fighting trout that don’t give themselves up easily. The smaller lochains nearby are also well worth a cast!

Loch Na H-Arigh Glaise

Loch Na H-Arigh Glaise Is situated on the single track road leading toward Fannagmore just after Foindle. Parking is available just past the loch, where there is a large passing place to the righthand side of the road and some hard ground to the right of this a car can easily be parked without obstructing passing vehicles. The boat is visible from the parking place. Loch Na H-Arigh Glaise is a very picturesque Loch, the fishing is challenging with good quality trout that are above average size. This is perhaps so sparsely populated that catch and release should be the best option!

Loch Gobhloch

Loch  Gobhloch is situated on the single track road about a half mile past Tarbet, there is a parking space on the left hand side of the road as you arrive at the loch. The boat mooring is visible from the parking space. The loch is fairly small but, the benefits of boat fishing is plain to see due to the landscape surrounding the loch. The average size of the trout is quite good, being around 12ozs and better fish are often caught. A drift along the roadside bank is well worth the effort, a very pleasant loch to fish if in the area.

Loch Laicheard ‘Mhor

Take the left turn to Tarbet cross the cattle grid, on the right hand side of the road there is a large passing place by a metal gate. Park at the far end of the passing place on the grass, do not obstruct the gate or passing vehicles. Cross the road and head west for about 450 yards uphill to the loch, the boat is situated at the narrow arm nearest the road. Loch Laicheard ‘Mhor is split into three distinct areas, the boat can access all of these areas. The average about 6 – 8ozs with some better fish among them, the furthest stretch of water from the road is a good deal deeper a cast here with a sinking line may prove worthwhile.

Loch Nam Brac

Loch Nam Brac is situated on the single track road leading to Tarbet. Parking is opposite the boat mooring which is visible as you approach. Loch Nam Brac is quite large with several different arms and several islands, it would probably take two or three day to explore it throughly! The loch Is usually quite productive to fish, the trout average around 8 to 10ozs and fight extremely hard. There is also the slim chance of catching an Arctic Char, should you do so please return these fish. A drift near the islands at the central area of the loch can be productive! Because of the size of the loch a drogue can be very useful, as can a slow sinking line for the deeper areas of water.

Loch Bhadaidh Daraich

Loch Bhadaidh Daraich is situated just north of the village of Scourie on the main road. Park beside the public toilets and walk about 160 yards to boat mooring at the south end of the loch. Bhadaidh Daraich is linked to the sea by a small stream which passes through a very small lochain before reaching the sea. When this stream is in spate there is a chance that migratory fish will run, however, there has been no recorded catch of these fish in past 10 to 12 seasons. The trout in Bhadaidh Daraich average a modest 5-7ozs, arctic char and ferrox are also present. It is very deep dropping to 120 feet  and perhaps a sinking line would bring better results.

Loch An Damh Mor

Loch An Damh Mor is situated just south of the village of Scourie on the left hand side of the road.  There is a large parking space by the loch with a convenient picnic table and bin. Loch An Damh Mor is ideal place to introduce a youngster to fly fishing, there is usually plenty small willing trout here. The trout average about 4-6ozs with the occasional larger individual. The loch is quite small and is easily fished if one has only a few hours spare. All traditional trout fly patterns work well, as the fish are not to fussy. 

Loch Chalbha

A drive of five and three quarter miles south of the village, of Scourie to park at the turn off to the old road to Duartmore. Parking is available on both sides of the road at 187380, Chalbha is then a walk of about a mile downhill south west of the road. The boat is moored at 174375, Chalbha has the reputation of producing a better than average trout, but they don’t give themselves up easily. The smaller Lochains nearby should also be carefully fished, these are challenging waters and perseverance will reward the angler.

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